Life Safety & Security

It’s a fact. Your home and family are more vulnerable to a serious crime – burglary, theft, home invasion – if not protected by a monitored security system.

Homes with monitored security systems, and a good security strategy are 3 times less likely to be burglarized.

Our systems are specifically designed to meet your unique lifestyle needs. We offer a wide range of security products that you can rely on to protect your home and family. We use Non-Proprietary equipment. 

From safe rooms, perimeter protection, video surveillance, back up communications and fire protection systems to integrated lighting systems that will illuminate your home during a fire and/or security breach.

These leading edge systems become your front line of protection for your home and your loved ones. In consultation with you, we will perform a complete site survey and security threat assessment which will provide us with the tools to effectively design a system that best fits your lifestyle and desired level of protection.

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